Talk about dedication! Halle Berry had quite the injury while filming John Wick: Chapter 3, as she recently revealed she hurt her ribs in the worst way.

“I broke three ribs when I was rehearsing for John Wick,” the 52-year-old actress told Extra. “It’s like a badge of honor for me, we don’t know how it happened … I worked for a little while with broken ribs until I could no longer do it.”

The Oscar winner stars as Sofia in the upcoming film of the very popular franchise — a role that Halle says involved brutal preparation. “[It’s] hours and hours of stunt training, it’s gun training, it’s dog training, then it’s just strength training on top of that with my trainer, and it’s watching my diet,” she said of everything the movie’s director, Chad Stahelski, made her do.

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“[Chad] got me in the best shape of my life. These guys worked me so hard. I never worked so hard in my whole life for this little character in this movie,” the Monster‘s Ball star explained. “I’ve never been in the best shape of my life mentally, physically, and it’s all because I got to work with some of the best of the best. So there are wonderful benefits of that.”

All of that hard work was made easier by the fact that Halle got to share a set with the film’s star, Keanu Reeves. “It was pretty amazing. It was a little terrifying at first because he’s so damn good, and I wanted to be on the same level as him. I didn’t want to disappoint him,” she said.

The former Bond girl was already in top-notch shape even before filming began. She once revealed the secret weapon to her fantastic body. “I was a gymnast growing up, and that certainly has helped, as I have always been very athletic,” she wrote online in January, according to Us Weekly. Though she credits part of her slim physique to genetics and following the popular, low-carb Keto diet.

We can’t wait to see Halle do her thing when John Wick: Chapter 3 is released May 17.