Do the producers of ABC’s Modern Family know something that we don’t? Okay, that’s a ridiculous question, since they obviously know everything about what’s coming up on the show and we know nothing, but it feels like they’ve been told to pull out all the stops to try and garner viewer interest or something. For starters, just a couple of episodes ago we had the death of Shelley Long’s Dede Pritchett and in the most recent episode came the revelation that one of the characters is pregnant.

Now’s your chance to turn away in case you haven’t seen it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The pregnant one is Sarah Hyland’s Haley Dunphy. Naturally the revelation came about from a typically comedic and convoluted way as Haley and Dylan (played by Reid Ewing) decide to drive bumper cars at a local carnival. Needless to say, at one point Haley is applying lipstick while driving, which is the exact moment that Dylan bumps into her. The result? Her hand slips and the lipstick actually goes up her nose. Worried, the two of them head off to the hospital to make sure she’s okay, and it’s while there that the announcement comes that she’s pregnant (a fact the actress has sort of teased via social media).

No doubt a good portion of the rest of the season will be determining who the father is. Dylan is obviously one candidate, although we can’t rule out Haley’s ex-Brit boyfriend, Dr. Arvin Fennerman (played by Chris Geere). For the last several episodes there has been a love triangle between Haley, Arvin, and Dylan, which had seemingly been resolved with Arvin moving out of the picture. But now, with her pregnancy, one could easily see him coming back and romantic conflict erupting in this particular triangle.

There had been rumors that this will be Modern Family‘s final season, though ABC hasn’t ruled out the idea of it returning yet again for Season 11.