Aww! Gwyneth Paltrow told Drew Barrymore that it was “so sweet” the 45-year-old actress’ daughter Olive offered to take photos of her mom for a photo shoot with The Sunday Times.

Gwyneth, 47, left the heartfelt comment on an Instagram post Drew shared of her and her 7-year-old child taking photos. “The following is a dialogue between me and my daughter,” the Never Been Kissed Before star captioned the slides on Sunday, April 19. “ME: Olive will you take pictures for the @theststyle photoshoot. It’s for a magazine people work for years to shoot for! OLIVE: Why are you asking me to shoot you, mom? And who normally shoots you?’


Drew explained to her daughter that she normally has a professional photographer take photos of her for work, but since “the world is in a crazy place” right now due to coronavirus, she needed a little bit of help.

“Everything is an opportunity to do things differently! So what do you say?” Drew asked Olive, who happily replied, “I’m honored to be your photographer. I like taking pictures, so thank you.”

The pair ended up taking a lot of great shots on the beach for the British newspaper. Plus, Olive kept her “promise” to her mom that she wouldn’t shoot her from an unflattering angle. “I’m worried about looking like I have NO chin!” the blonde beauty hilariously wrote.

When everything was over, the Blended star thanked her colleague Christy Doramus for helping her out with the photo shoot. While Olive took pictures of her mom, Christy was taking photos of them both. “You were literally how Olive and I were able to do this,” Drew gushed in another Instagram post on Sunday, April 19.

The actress also revealed why she wanted Olive to be her photographer for a day. “My daughter Olive took the photos because at this moment in time, we are all getting innovative and inventive about how we do things! As I said to her, ‘This is an opportunity!’ We all are seeing things differently and that translates into the execution of life!!” Drew explained. “I hope you like our piece. Please read the words from my heart and the visual from the world’s smallest and moodiest photographer!”

This is a day Drew will never forget!