It hasn’t been that long since Gwen Stefani filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale, her husband of 13 years, and it’s already starting to seem like it’s going to get a bit nasty.

Instead of splitting their assets down the middle, Gwen is gunning for a one time pay-off in order to avoid losing a big chunk of her fortune, according to Radar Online.

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Since the estranged couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, according to California law, their assets will get divided evenly between the two. Though Gavin is still worth millions, an estimated $35 million to be exact, it is no where near what Gwen stands to lose in this whole process.

gavin rossdale and gwen stefani divorce

Her net worth is allegedly a lot higher than the reported $80 million, which is compromised of her clothing line, music, and judging gig on The Voice. A source told Radar, “It’s significantly more, around $120 million.”

The insider shared, “Gwen has really struggled with the idea of just handing over half of her hard-earned money to Gavin, and there is a lot of anger there. Gwen is hoping to just pay Gavin off because she doesn’t want to pay him any type of support. Gwen’s approach is that she should get to keep what is hers.”

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Gavin is not sitting back quietly, apparently, “His lawyer, Laura Wasser is going to go after as much money she can get out of Gwen. It has gotten very contentious, very fast between the two.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like its going to get easier any time soon, as they are both still staying in the same home together, although in two different rooms. Hopefully for the sake of their three kids, they can work something out quickly and amicably.