If you’re wondering when Grey’s Anatomy comes back — you’re not alone! Fear not Grey’s fans because the surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are coming back to the small screen next week on Mar. 1, 2018, with a special Station 19 crossover episode. Scroll down to learn all about Season 14!

What time is Grey’s Anatomy on?

The medical drama will air at 8 p.m. EST on ABC once it returns. We can’t wait to have the TGIT lineup back!

What’s going on in the Grey’s Anatomy plot?

In true Grey’s tradition, surgery is far from the only thing keeping the Seattle doctors busy — the drama last season was rampant — and so far it’s continued in Season 14! So far, Amelia Shepherd had a brain tumor removed and is divorcing her husband, Owen Hunt. Megan Hunt (Owen’s sister) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) moved to California to have a life together with her son. Additionally, Maggie Pierce might be starting a relationship with Jackson Avery now that his ex-wife, April Kepner, moved out of his house. But, what most fans are concerned about is the intense storyline surrounding Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) after she was reunited with her abusive ex-husband. Thankfully, he ended up dying (got to love Grey’s) and now she’s teaming up with Meredith Grey to compete in a surgical competition.

This season is supposed to return to the lighter tone of the earlier seasons. “We have some new writers and fresh voices that are going to give this season an amazing new vibe and energy,” Giacomo Gianniotti (who plays Andrew DeLuca) recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s going to be lighter and funnier.”

Will Grey’s Anatomy be renewed for Season 15?

Well, Deadline reported that Ellen Pompeo renewed her contract for Season 15 and 16. This is great news because who wouldn’t love more seasons of Grey’s?! At this point, we’ve been dedicated to the show for so long we’re here to stay! Shonda Rhimes is leaving ABC to work for Netflix, but has stated that the medical drama will continue as long as Ellen is willing to star in it! Bring on more #TGIT!

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