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Teddy Altman (aka Kim Raver) Is Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — Again!

She’s coming back — again! Actress Kim Raver is set to make another triumphant return to Grey’s Anatomy, according to TV Line. Teddy Altman previously made her second Grey’s debut in the show’s Season 14 premiere upon the return of Owen Hunt’s long-lost sister, Megan Hunt.

Many are hoping she returns as now-single Owen’s love interest, although her new storyline has not yet been revealed. In honor of her coming back to the show, we’re answering all your burning questions about Kim’s character — scroll down to see!

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Kim as Teddy on Grey’s. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who Is Teddy Altman?

Teddy is a cardiothoracic surgeon who joined the US Army to work as a doctor after her best friend was killed in the Sept. 11, 2011, terror attacks. While serving in the Army, she met Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd), and the two quickly became close friends. Owen later brought Teddy to Seattle to work as the hospital’s new Attending cardiothoracic surgeon and mentor his girlfriend — and later wife — Cristina Yang (portrayed by Sandra Oh). Actress Kim first appeared on Grey’s in the Season 6 episode “New History.”

Why did Kim leave Grey’s Anatomy before?

The 48-year-old TV star previously left the hit medical drama back in 2012 after three seasons. At the time, her character was fired by Chief of Surgery Owen so she could follow her passion to work with the Army Medical Command. “Kim’s series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation. It’s been a pleasure working with someone as talented and funny and kind as Kim; everyone is going to miss her terribly,” Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes once said of Kim’s departure.

Why is Teddy back on the show now?

In the Season 14 premiere, Teddy returned to Seattle to support Owen as he reunited with his long-lost sister, Megan Hunt (played by Abigail Spencer). Owen’s sister had been missing for 10 years before she was rescued from a basement — where she’d been left after a raid — in a rebel-led neighborhood in Iraq. Megan had also been working overseas with Owen and Teddy as a US Army surgeon before her tragic disappearance.

At the end of Season 13 — which wrapped in mid-May — Teddy was name-dropped for the first time since her previous Grey’s exit by Owen’s wife, Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), as the doctor who recognized and confirmed the identity of Megan after she was rescued.

It’s unclear how she will now play a part in the show since Megan has moved away with her son and former love Dr. Nathan Riggs (played by Martin Henderson), but we’re hoping she and Owen will now start their highly-anticipated romance.

kim raver greys anatomy getty images

Teddy, Cristina, and Owen on Grey’s. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Teddy’s husband?

In Season 7, Teddy met Henry Burton, a hospital patient suffering from a rare genetic condition who could no longer afford his medical care. Teddy and Henry (portrayed by Scott Foley) soon developed a close friendship and Teddy later married him so he could benefit from her health insurance. After Henry fell ill with a near-fatal complication, Teddy realized he listed her as his emergency contact not as his doctor, but as his wife. She later confessed she had fallen in love with Henry and the two began a romantic relationship.

During Season 8, Henry’s condition worsened and he was again admitted to the hospital for treatment. New medical tests revealed Henry had a tumor near his heart causing bleeding in his lungs and trachea and would need emergency surgery. Cristina was asked to perform the operation but was not told the identity of her patient due to her friendship with mentor Teddy. Sadly, Henry did not survive the surgery and Teddy blamed Owen for his death because he had originally told her the surgery had been completed without issue.

kim raver greys anatomy getty images

Teddy and Henry on Grey’s. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What is her relationship with Owen Hunt?

Teddy’s history with Owen is definitely complicated. When Owen first brought Teddy to Grey Sloan Memorial, she revealed she had feelings for him, but he was dating Cristina and she was romantically involved with Mark Sloan (played by Eric Dane). After a traumatic hospital shooting, Owen told Teddy he wanted to be with Cristina instead of pursuing a relationship with her. The duo’s friendship remained strong throughout Teddy’s time in Seattle and Owen ultimately fired Teddy at the end of Season 8 so she could pursue her dream job.

When Teddy returned to Grey’s in the Season 14 premiere, she and Owen adorably rekindled their friendship after spending several years apart. Many fans hoped they would start dating, but Owen at the time was married to Amelia. At the end of the premiere, Owen kissed Teddy, but she was upset that he wanted to cheat on Amelia and thought the kiss was due to the stress of his sister’s rescue. “You’re married and you are conflicted. You are my favorite person on the planet… Let me stay your favorite person for now and you stay mine,” she said. But now that Owen and Amelia have called it quits, who knows what will happen between Teddy and Owen. We can’t wait to see!

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