Code orange?!

A promo was just released for next week’s new Grey’s Anatomy episode — and it shows Dr. Stephanie Edwards (played by Jerrika Hinton) caught in a dangerous situation. In the Season 13, episode 23 teaser trailer, Stephanie appears physically restrained by what seems to be an out-of-control patient.

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Dr. Miranda Bailey (like the true chief she is), takes control of the situation by immediately calling a “code orange.” But, viewers are left wondering what exactly is a code orange? One thing is for sure — it doesn’t look good!

According to the medical dictionary, a “code orange” in a hospital could mean one of four things: a bomb threat, a radioactive spill, a potentially violent person with mental issues, or an external disaster with mass casualties.

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True Grey’s fans know from the tragic Season 2 bomb episode that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital previously referred to a bomb threat as a “code black.” Considering the clip didn’t show any type of spill or external disaster, our best bet is that a patient with mental health issues becomes dangerous in next week’s episode — titled “True Colors” — and Stephanie becomes a target.

It does make sense that Grey’s is setting up a storyline for Jerrika to leave the series. In January, it was reported that Jerrika would not return for Season 14 of the medical drama, so the actress — who has played Dr. Edwards since 2012 — will likely not reprise her role next year.

So, is the next Grey’s Anatomy episode really the end for Edwards? Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC!