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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap — Did Alex Go to Jail?

Grey’s Anatomy‘s 13th season has been filled with plot twists and turns — and last night’s new episode finally gave us answers to some of our most burning questions!

First, let’s recap. The hit show’s winter finale — which aired back on Nov. 17! — left fans wondering if Alex was going to jail for beating up DeLuca, if Amelia’s short marriage to Owen was really over, and if Jo was leaving Seattle after revealing her secret identity.

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When Grey’s returned last week, fans were frustrated the series didn’t pick up where it left off. In fact, the episode — “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)” — only included Arizona, Jo and Bailey. The story followed the trio to a local jail where they helped a 16-year-old inmate — serving 20 years to life — deliver her baby. So intense!

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Alex and Jo on Grey’s Anatomy.

Last night’s new episode, titled “Jukebox Hero,” finally shed more light on the season’s major plot point about Alex going to jail. The show began with Meredith and Maggie desperately trying to figure out if Alex turned himself in to the DA for assaulting DaLuca.

After locating Alex’s case number in her email, Meredith and Maggie searched for his legal file online. “Thirty years to life?” Meredith exclaimed before realizing Maggie had accidentally accessed the wrong file — phew!

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Once the duo found Alex’s actual case, the file, of course, listed his criminal proceedings as “indefinitely postponed.” So, Meredith spent the rest of the day running around Seattle trying to find out if Alex had been admitted to any of the local prisons. But because she didn’t have his social security number (do you share everything except that information with your “person”?) Meredith got nowhere.

'grey's anatomy' getty images

Meredith and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy.

As Meredith searched for Alex, the other Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital surgeons rallied against Dr. Eliza Minnic (Marika Domińczyk) and her new education program. Also, Amelia hid from Owen at Edwards’ apartment after revealing she doesn’t want to have a baby, Bailey and Webber fought about Minnic’s addition to the team, and Jo continued to struggle with the repercussions of Alex’s assault case. There’s a lot going on here, people!

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Finally, at the end of the episode… Meredith found Alex! Upon returning home from a long day of searching for him, Mer went upstairs to take a shower and first sat down on her bed — where Alex had been napping the entire time. “I’ve been sleeping,” Alex said to which Meredith replied, “All day?”

“All day,” Alex confirmed with a smile as the two hugged. You couldn’t have sent a quick text about taking a nap while everyone was freaking out over your whereabouts, Dr. Karev?!

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