Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy will clearly be a good one! The hit ABC show has recast a major character ahead of the premiere — Megan Hunt! In the Season 13 finale, we learned that Dr. Owen Hun’t sister is still alive years after she went missing, and while she was played by Bridget Regan in the past, she will now be portrayed by Abigail Spencer!

Bridget reacted to the news of her replacement via Twitter on Saturday, August 5. “Thanks for all the love guys! @abigailspencer is an incredible actor, tip top lady and will be a BRILLIANT Megan on #GreysAnatomy ??,” she wrote. The 35-year-old actress cannot appear on the medical drama due to scheduling conflicts. She is currently the star of TNT’s The Last Ship, which just got renewed for two more seasons.

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Timeless star Abigail is set to appear in a few episodes of Grey’s, which airs its two-hour-long season premiere on Thursday, Sept. 28. Ever since May, fans have been dying to know all about this mystery character.

In the final moments of last season, we watched Owen and his wife, Dr. Amelia Shepherd, watch Megan get carried off an airplane on a stretcher. Many have their theories that the woman they found may end up not even being his sister since she’s been gone for so long, while others think her return could really shake things up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Before Megan’s disappearance during her days in the army, she was linked to Dr. Nathan Riggs, who is now romantically involved with Dr. Meredith Grey. Once Nathan found out about Megan’s return, he quickly ditched Mer to go see her. All in all, this situation is totally mind boggling and we have so many questions and concerns about how Megan will play a part in the fate of so many of the show’s beloved characters. But, hopefully Abigail answers everything we need to know in just two short months!