Fear not Grey's Anatomy fans — we have all the answers to your show questions including whether or not Grey's is leaving Netflix. Keep scrolling to learn more about the fate of the medical drama!

Is Grey’s Anatomy leaving Netflix?

Currently, the medical drama has 13 seasons on the streaming service. Season 14 is currently airing on ABC, and according to Entertainment Weekly, Grey's will remain on Netflix for the month of October. Considering how popular the drama is, we think it's safe to assume it won't be removed anytime soon.

When will Grey's Anatomy Season 14 be added to Netflix?

If Netflix stays true to its traditional formula, then the show will be added following the current season finale. The website What's on Netflix predicted that Season 13 would be added last summer, so Season 14 will most likely be added next summer. The website wrote, "For the past few years, Grey’s Anatomy has had its new seasons added in mid-June."

It's no surprise fans are already anxious to rewatch the current season — the relationship drama has been intense! The current season of the show is full of questions between many of the main characters. The topic of whether Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) will get back together following the return of Megan Hunt has been a main plot point, especially after the confrontation between Mer and Nathan in last week's episode.

The love triangle between Meredith, Nathan, and Megan is giving us major Addison Montgomery Shepherd flashbacks! But the first few episodes have been dramatically lighter than those from past seasons. "This is a much more grown-up version of Meredith — she's been through so much and survived so much and really kept her sense of humor intact — so she's a lot of fun to write," co-showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter. "She's a grown-a– woman who is sexy and funny and smart and fierce and a boss, and you don't see that all that often on TV."

There might be a lot of mystery remaining for the series, but at least we know the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will always keep TGIT Thursdays fun!

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