McDreamy, McSteamy, Plus More ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters We Wish Could Come Back for Season 14!

The days of all Grey’s Anatomy characters are unfortunately numbered.

Any fan of the medical drama knows that developing an attachment to characters is dangerous because they could literally die at any moment. Creator Shonda Rhimes is notorious for killing off the doctors in dramatic and oftentimes unrealistic ways. I mean, what are the odds that a mass shooting, plane crash, bomb, and explosion all happen to doctors in one hospital?

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But, the drama is what keeps viewers tuned in week after week and year after year. Grey’s didn’t get all the way to Season 13 by being boring. And if characters aren’t dying then they’re jetting off to another country like Dr. Cristina Yang (Shandra Oh) did in Season 10.

cristina yang

Meredith and Cristina in Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s no denying the show has lost multiple significant characters during its 12 years on the air, which got us thinking: What if characters could return for the upcoming Season 14? Yes, McDreamy and McSteamy are dead (RIP), but anything is possible at Grey Sloan Memorial, right?

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Click through the gallery below to see which characters we’d love to return for Season 14!