There’s a Grey’s Anatomy shaped hole in every fan’s heart until the hit medical drama returns to our beloved “TGIT” lineup. As we eagerly wait for Season 14 to premiere on Thursday, Sept. 28, we’re left wondering: How do we get our daily fix of the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors?

Well, look no further because lucky for us the stars of the show are very active on Instagram — and we’re not just talking about them posting pics of their kids (or lunches). The actors and actresses frequently share behind-the-scenes pics from the set and they are almost enough to make the wait until Season 14 bearable. Watch the video below to see the cutest pics from the set of Grey’s!

Are they not the cutest cast you’ve ever seen? Excuse us while we play that back over and over until new episodes of Grey’s once again grace our TV screens. But, in all seriousness, this season is supposed to be one of the best ones yet! “We did a table read for both the first and second episodes and they are righteously hysterical,” Jessica Capshaw told E! News about what fans can expect in Season 14. “They are so much fun and very, sort of, going back to first and second season Grey’s.”

First and second season vibes?! Like when we had five interns who were all dating each other, living together, and getting into trouble? When witty banter was as common as complicated surgeries? That sounds great to us. “It’s very funny. It’s very irreverent and funny and sort of on its side,” she continued. “I think it’s what you remember and love about the beginnings of the original group.” Just before the new season, ABC released a sneak peek video of the premiere episode — making us even more thrilled (didn’t think that was even possible!) for Season 14. Be sure to tune in!

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