When 80-year-old Betty Simpson was diagnosed with lung cancer last year, her grandson, Zach Belden, decided to create an Instagram page in her honor.

Little did he know that the page would grow to have more than 300,000 followers in less than 3 months!

"The idea was to start an account for my friends who know Grandma Betty," the teenager told WDRB Kentucky, "and it turned out to be something everybody started to enjoy."


Our family, minus @zachbelden, because he's taking the picture. It's been awhile since Grandma got out of the house!

The Instagram account consists of funny and heartwarming photos of the sweet grandma as well as a few videos, including one of Betty dancing to the Pharrell Williams' hit "Happy."

"I can no longer think of that song without thinking of her," granddaughter Hope Belden adds.


Grandma is dancing for her 2,500 followers! Woo! Next goal is 3,000 of course! #Grandma #Betty #Pharrell #Williams #PharrellWilliams #Happy #Cancer #CancerFighter #CancerSurvivor

Her grandkids share how the account has lifted her spirits and how she feels like a celebrity every time she gets a new follower.

"We get joy out of listening to her say everyday, 'How many more friends do I have today,'" Hope says.

And Grandma Betty hopes to be an inspiration to her social media fans. "Maybe they'll learn something from me," she muses. "I've been here 80 years, maybe they'll learn something good from me."


Grandma Betty was just on National ABC news. Her face lit up when she saw herself!

Though the page is filled with positivity, Zach acknowledges that Betty has bad days as well. He captioned one photo, "Sorry there hasn't been a post since Friday. Grandmas wasn't feeling the greatest, and she's been sleeping a lot."

But the teen is set on highlighting the positive during his grandmother's cancer battle.

"Let’s continue to spread the word that cancer CAN be fought, and being happy while fighting it most certainly possible," Zach writes.


Good morning, world! Keep a smile on your face today, and don't forget…Grandma loves you!