We can't handle all this cuteness! Ginger Zee's newborn baby son made his Good Morning America debut on Tuesday, Feb. 20, and Miles is the most adorable little boy ever.

The 37-year-old appeared on the screen during the morning show's episode earlier this week alongside her husband, Ben Aaron, 36, and their two-year-old son, Adrian. The happy family was hanging out on their couch (they admitted they were awake way before that) when they introduced their newest addition to the country. Watch the video below to see Miles' adorable debut!

Ginger previously welcomed Miles on Friday, Feb. 9. She shared with her co-hosts, Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan, Lara Spencer, and George Stephanopoulos, that he's been a pleasure so far. "Even more than Adrian ever was, he is so chill. He is a baby that hangs out, looks around, he’s very alert, very cool," Ginger gushed, adding that she's loving being a mom-of-two. "It was just as everybody said. The minute he came out, I was crazy about him and now I'm just as crazy about him."

The GMA co-hosts then asked Ben how he's been doing after the arrival of their second child. "I am an ankle-rubber and a chef," he joked during the video chat. "I make a lot of pasta and I rub a lot of backs and ankles. That's it." Too funny!

Adrian couldn't have been cuter in the video as well. We got to watch the toddler kiss his baby brother's hand, and then we witnessed his mini-tantrum after hitting his head (don't worry, he wasn't hurt). "This is real life!" Ginger joked to the camera.

Prior to the family's GMA segment, Ginger shared a super cute video of Adrian serenading his little bro. "Adrian serenading Miles. My heart is exploding. #TrueColors," she captioned the video at the time. Honestly, they're the perfect family!