Goldie Hawn May Have Gotten Fillers and a Facelift to Maintain Her Youthful Look! (EXCLUSIVE)

Is it just us, or does Goldie Hawn look a little different this year? The A-list actress has made a plethora of public appearances over the past 12 months, and after seeing her in photos, fans can’t help but wonder whether or not she’s gotten plastic surgery in 2017.

The star has never denied getting work done, although she hasn’t spoken out about any type of procedures over the past few months. That said, it’s up to us to decide if she’s recently gone under the knife! Closer Weekly chatted with experts (who have not worked with the star), and each weighed in on her potential plastic surgery!

goldie hawn plastic surgery getty images

Dr. Adam Hamawy suggests, “Goldie appears like she may have had a facelift and fillers. Her flawless skin is probably due to regular maintenance with laser or chemical peels.” And Dr. Andrew Miller agrees. “She has certainly had fillers in her cheeks and under her eyes. She probably has had at least a mini facelift at some point, and that was performed well,” he added.

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian suggests that she may have also gotten Botox even though she “for sure” has good skin care. “[She may have gotten a] possible lower eyelids blepharoplasty [because there are] no eyelid wrinkles,” he said, adding that a nose job is also possible. “The tip is refined, and the dorsum of the nose is straight.”

Regardless of whether or not Goldie has actually gone under the knife, we think she looks fabulous today at age 72!

Click through the gallery below to see the new pics of Goldie — and you be the judge!