There’s a reason why Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for quite some time, and it’s because they are on the same wavelengths — and they proved that again while filming The Christmas Chronicles 2.

“A year later and I’m still ringing Santa’s jingle bells,” Goldie, 74, said via Instagram on Friday, December 6. “I couldn’t be happier to be working on @christmaschronicles again with Kurt Russell, my real life Santa.” Aww! Kurt, 68, got to play Santa Claus in the original The Christmas Chronicles — a film that saw his longtime partner make a cameo as Mrs. Claus. But now director Chris Columbus is shedding some light on how the couple acted while on set for the sequel.

“There’s a tremendous amount of respect there and a tremendous amount of love and trust, partially because they’ve been together for so long,” Chris told People in an interview. “They just get along beautifully.”

“There’s a lot of laughter and it’s just a really, really fun set,” he added. The Netflix  film also saw the famous pair’s son Oliver Hudson have a role — he played the two main child character’s father. No word yet on whether anymore members from the family will make a cameo in the second installment of the popular holiday film, but according to Chris, “You never know.”

Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell

The duo have been together since 1983, and although they have never married they are still one of the few couples who have survived being together in Hollywood. In fact, Goldie’s daughter, Kate Hudson, and her brother Oliver once recalled the moment their mom fell for the Escape From L.A. actor.

“We were living in deep Malibu. Mom said that’s sort of when she fell in love with Kurt, [it] was right away because she had brought him back to the house and we had already been asleep,” the Almost Famous star explained during a recent episode of the podcast Sibling Rivalry. “We shared a room, and I remember we had twin beds and I had Annie sheets and you had ‘Star Wars’ sheets and we were sleeping.”

“Mom said he walked in and he saw us and she unexpectedly thought that he was going to peek in and see them, but he sat down next to each of us,” the Oscar nominee continued. “He sat down next to you first and watched you sleep and then came by. I believe he watched me the longest, according to the story. When mom tells me the story, I feel like I was the last one that he looked at and then he sat there for a really long time.”

And that was enough for Goldie!