It sure sounds like Goldie Hawn was excited to be a grandmother again! On Thursday, January 17, the Overboard actress, 73, and her daughter, Kate Hudson, took over hosting duties on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and had a lot to say about the birth of Kate’s third child, Rani Rose.

“As you might know, we had my daughter!” the 39-year-old said, adding that she told her mom, “of course I want you in the room,” after she asked to be in the delivery suite during her granddaughter’s birth. But perhaps the Almost Famous star didn’t take into account the amount of chaos there was going to be with numerous eyes on her. “There were so many people in and out and I was feeling left out of the social aspect of it, so I looked at the nurse and said, ‘I think I want the epidural because I’m too social for natural childbirth,’” she said. In fact, things got extremely personal when Goldie try to sneak in a look.

“The doctor was amazing, but mom, once again, man, she was right in there,” Kate recalled. “I remember the doctor goes, ‘Goldie, you get a little closer you might fall in.’” Kurt Russell‘s longtime partner replied, “I took my cue, I didn’t get much closer.”

Goldie and Kurt, 67, are all about their grandchildren, especially 3-month-old, Rani. Early last month, Kate shared a photo of her parents taking care of her baby daughter. “Grandma and Grandpa Duty … or should I say, Mr. and Mrs. Claus,” she wrote in the caption.

The Hollywood couple, who have been together over 30 years, has always been about family. Kurt once exclusively told Closer Weekly how important it is to him to spend time with his loved ones, especially during the holidays. “We always trim the tree on Christmas Eve and we have a big meal,” the Christmas Chronicles star said. And following dinner, “the grandkids put their pajamas on and hang up their stockings. We get the fire going and when it gets dark we always choose someone to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.