If one thing’s for sure, it’s Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have the most adorable family we’ve ever seen! The longtime pair — they’ve been together since 1983 but never tied the knot— each has kids of their own and also one kid together. They also have five adorable grandchildren. Despite the circumstances, though, their blended brood is one of the cutest in Hollywood!

Kate Hudson is Goldie’s daughter from her previous marriage to Bill Hudson, but the actress has always had a very tight relationship with her stepdad, Kurt, who she mostly considers to be her real dad. Last year, she gushed about working with him on their film Deepwater Horizion.

“What I really, really loved about being on set with him was it was a reminder of where I fell in love with making movies. He’s such a such a phenomenal actor,” she revealed on Good Morning America in September 2016. “He would put so much care and effort into his roles in a way which is different with a lot of young people I’ve worked with. It’s such a different mentality.”

Kate also previously told a really funny story about her entertaining and bubbly mother growing up. “I remember when my mom would do hot lunch at school, with the pizza and the singing,” she recalled. “You know, she pirouettes everywhere. It’s the best — she’s still pirouetting everywhere. But when you’re a kid and your parents are wild like that, you [cringe].”

But even though Goldie could sometimes be embarrassing, Kate has nothing but good things to say about their strong relationship. “I’ve always had a really super open relationship with her. I talk about everything. I’m like the person who comes home and can’t hide anything,” she said. “Even my friends sometimes are like, ‘Kate, you’ve got to stop talking so much about your life.’ And I’m like, ‘Why?’ I can’t keep things in, really.’ I’ve never felt like I’ve had to hide anything from my mom. If anything, she’s always been my confidante.”

And Kate notes that Goldie and Kurt are the reason she’s close with all her siblings. “[I had] one of those childhoods where you say, ‘Well, [the parents] must have done something right,’ because we’re all so close,” Kate gushed. “My mom, as busy as she was, was a very present parent.” So sweet!

Check out the gallery below for a complete guide to Goldie and Kurt’s blended family!