To their seven grandchildren, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are known as Gogo and Gogi. The couple, who have been together since 1983, rejoice in their role as the heart of their large family. “I look at our kids and grandchildren, and there’s nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all of them,” says the actress.

Their extended brood includes Kate Hudson’s three kids, Ryder, 18, Bingham, 10, and Rani, 3, along with Oliver Hudson’s trio, Wilder, 14, Bodhi, 12, and Rio, 8. Goldie and Kurt’s only son together, Wyatt Russell, and his wife, Meredith, celebrated their baby Buddy’s first birthday in March. “We’re a very tight family,” says Wyatt, 35. “My parents are amazing people and amazing grandparents.” (Kurt also has another son, Boston, 42, from his marriage to actress Season Hubley.)

Goldie, 76, and Kurt, 71, adore bringing the whole gang together. They organize family vacations a few times a year — often to Aspen, where they own a home, or Hawaii — and host frequent gatherings at their L.A. estate. “They probably see Kate and Oliver’s kids the most because they live closer,” says a friend. “But they don’t let a lot of time pass between visits with all their grandchildren. They don’t take a moment with them for granted.”

Sleepovers at Gogo and Gogi’s house are “organized chaos,” confides the friend, because Goldie and Kurt are so young at heart. “Goldie will put on music for any occasion and dance with the kids,” says the friend, who adds that Kurt likes to stay active by taking the grandchildren hiking or on bike rides. “Sports are a big thing for him,” the friend shares.

Goldie and Kurt get a kick out of watching their grandkids develop and grow. “They would never play favorites because they love them all, but Kate’s eldest son, Ryder, is a mini-Kurt,” the friend confides. The child of Kate’s marriage to Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, Ryder “is funny and loves attention,” says the friend. “He uses Kurt as a sounding board. They are super close, and Kurt gives him great life advice. I think he is most likely to follow in the family’s acting footsteps, although I can see some of the other grandkids getting the acting bug, too.”

Goldie naturally gravitates to her look-alike granddaughters. “She loves the boys, too, but the girls, Rio and Rani, have a special place in her heart,” shares the friend. “And they simply adore Goldie.”

In 2003, Goldie created the not-for-prof it foundation MindUP, to teach children around the world meditation and other tools to help them manage stress. “I’d say it’s my life’s mission,” she admits. She enjoys sharing these skills with her grandchildren, too.

“Goldie radiates compassion and goodness and tries to instill that in others, especially children,” explains the friend. “She did it with her kids, and now she’s doing it with her grandkids. Kate, Oliver and Wyatt love that she’s in their children’s lives because they want some of the Goldie magic they were raised with to rub off on the next generation.” There is little doubt it will happen. As for Goldie, she can’t help but feel extraordinarily lucky to have such a wonderful family. “Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it,” she says. “It brings incredible joy.”