It’s been more than three years since Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic‘s reality TV show, Giuliana & Bill, went off the air — and now, the married couple is thinking about the possibility of an eighth season. “We’ve been asked a lot lately because I think of all the reboots that are happening, and they’re all successful,” Giuliana, 44, told People during a new joint interview with her hunky, entrepreneur husband. “So I — Bill, I think we should do another Giuliana & Bill.”

Giuliana & Bill first aired in 2009 and ran for seven seasons before wrapping up in 2014. “You know, we did almost 90 episodes, and we used it for very good reasons, whether it was [informing others about] infertility or breast cancer,” Bill, 47, said while agreeing with his wife. “Looking back on it, there isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t stop us and say, ‘Hey, I watched the Giuliana & Bill show, and my wife got a mammogram because she was inspired by it’ so we really — we didn’t think it was going to have that much of an impact.”

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Having a show for seven seasons is considered successful, so when Giuliana & Bill didn’t return for Season 8, fans assumed the worst. The E! News television personality told On Air With Ryan Seacrest this past September that the reason the hit reality show was taken off the air was actually due to personal reasons on her and Bill’s end. “We were very open about our lives… we put it all out there and it was amazing,” Giuliana recalled to Ryan. “We loved it.”

She then admitted to Ryan that they decided not to continue with the show because of their young son, Duke Rancic. “What happened was when we were talking about a new season,” Giuliana began. “We were going through what we would talk about in this new season and show in this new season. Duke was at an age that was just not really the age we wanted to put him on camera. I just felt like I was a first-time mom, I had a young son, and these were just things I didn’t want cameras around for.”

Fast forward four years and Bill and Giuliana are toying again with the idea of bringing the cameras back into their home. “I have to say, a lot of people ask us about it and we’re so proud of it, I wonder if there is a version of it and now that Duke is a little older maybe we will have to revisit it,” Giuliana told Ryan. We’re not sure if Season 8 of the show is currently in the works, but if it means we get to see more of super couple, we’re all for it!