Looking good has never been hard for Amal Clooney. The 41-year-old looked gorgeous hitting the NYC streets wearing a beautiful baby blue knee-length dress with a matching blazer. She completed her look with a stunning pair of black shades that went perfectly with her nude pumps.

Although the Lebanese-British fashionista wasn’t born in New York City, she definitely could have fooled us because she looked like a true city girl strutting around Manhattan with her expensive tan handbag.

Amal Clooney

“[It’s] amazing,” George Clooney previously gushed to Entertainment Tonight about his wife’s fashion choices. “She was teaching at Columbia, and she’s still like, ‘I want to wear that dress.’ It’s crazy. It has been sort of fascinating to watch, because she has such great taste.”

Amal’s style impressed George, 57, the moment he first laid eyes on her. “Since the day I met her, she’s always had this insanely … it’s eccentric, but it’s fun, [her] sense of fashion,” he said. Apparently, Amal has so many clothes the couple had to use “another bedroom” in their home just to house her extensive wardrobe — but George doesn’t mind.

Amal Clooney
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He loves seeing his wife getting dressed up, especially when she wears her robes to the International Court of Appeals in Strasbourg to talk about problems that are plaguing the world. “I’m always very proud of her when I see her speaking [there],” he explained. “It’s very impressive.”

Amal has taught George a thing or two about fashion as well — though he’s always been handsome. When they went to Prince Charlesprivate dinner party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, March 12, they looked so cute in their matching outfits. George wore a classic black and white tuxedo with a bow tie and Amal donned a gorgeous white dress that completely commanded the room!

The couple who are stylish together, stay together.