He’s done a lot of great things in his long career, but Gene Simmons hasn’t done it alone, as his wife, Shannon Tweed, has, been by his side through it all!

For over 30 years, the Kiss frontman, 70, and his longtime love, 62, have been by each other’s side — they met in 1983, and finally tied the knot in 2011. The pair also have two kids — Nick and Sophie. And while the famous couple have had ups and downs, the musician revealed just how happy he is that Shannon has remained by his side.

“In the interest of full disclosure, I have been married for more than five or six years. For 29 years … I was a jacka–,” Gene revealed to Us Weekly back in May, 2019. “And it’s a family show and I don’t wanna say anything that moved. I don’t wanna say that. And the astonishing thing about women is … I don’t know why, but you forgive our trespasses over and over, every single day. Guys wouldn’t do that.”

Gene Simmons Shannon Tweed

“I believe that women see the big picture. For one thing, you give life. We just work here. We can’t do anything. We can’t ask for directions, we can’t do that,” he continued. “We don’t understand the emotional component. We’re just not designed that way.”

“I am the most blessed guy, I think, who ever walked the face of the planet,” Gene told the outlet in another interview. Now it’s time to meet the person who has made the rocker feel that way through the years!

Who is Shannon Tweed?

Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons was born on March 10, 1957, in Placentia, Newfoundland, Canada, to Donald Keith Tweed and Louise Tweed.

What does she do?

Shannon is a model and an actress —  she appeared in the reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. She has worked on various projects including Baywatch21 Jump StreetNash Bridges and more. Shannon has also lend her voice to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Was she married prior to Gene?

When Shannon said “I do” to Gene it was the first time she had ever walked down the aisle.

Shannon Tweed
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Does she have other kids?

The blonde beauty is only a mom-of-two to her grown kids.

She has a big social media presence

She may not be as well known as her husband, but Shannon still reels in the fans. She has over 300K followers on Twitter, and 100K on Instagram.

It certainly seems like Gene has quite the partner in crime!