Thelma and Louise back together again!?

Former Thelma & Louise costars Susan Sarandon, 68, and Geena Davis, 59, are reportedly considering embarking on a new road trip to commemorate the film’s upcoming 25th anniversary, according to a new report.

“We’re thinking about [a road trip], yeah. We [have] to celebrate it some way,” Geena told ‘WENN’ of their 2016 plans.

'thelma & louise'

Susan (left) and Geena (right) in ‘Thelma & Louise.’

Susan (Louise) and Geena (Thelma) played the titular characters in the 1991 classic that tells the story of two Southern women who embark on a disastrous road trip. Both stars received Best Actress Oscar nominations for their now-iconic roles.

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This past June, the actresses reunited for an interview where Susan revealed she’s happy a sequel to the movie never came to fruition.

geena davis and susan sarandon

Geena and Susan recreated their movie selfie in June 2014.

“They did talk about a sequel at one point. I remember saying to someone, ‘I don’t understand what we would be doing.’ And he said, ‘You’d be getting a big check.’ But thank God we didn’t do that. Sanity reigned,” she told ‘The Hollywood Reporter.’

WENN‘ first reported this news.