Say it ain’t so! Geena Davis and her fourth husband, Dr. Reza Jarrahy, are reportedly dunzo — but there’s a twist. Reza filed for divorce on May 8, according to TMZ, after 17 years of marriage, and now, Geena has allegedly filed a shocking claim about the situation. 

According to TMZ, Geena is asking the judge to dismiss her husband’s divorce petition because they were allegedly never actually married. The actress is suggesting that there was a fatal problem when they had their New York marriage ceremony in 2001. Apparently, the duo’s marriage license was never returned to the court clerk, which means they’re not legally wed! Interesting… 

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Reza — who may not even be Geena’s husband — submitted docs in May that said the duo has been separated since November of 2017. He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. TMZ reports that Reza doesn’t agree with anything Geena is saying and suggests the marriage has always been valid. 

Geena and Reza share three children, a girl, and two twin boys. Reza is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the kids, and also wants spousal support from the actress. He also requested that the judge deny any spousal support Geena may ask for. However, if Geena’s claims are actually true then none of this will matter, as what’s his will his and what’s hers will be hers. It would also, sadly, make their three kids “illegitimate.” 

If Reza ends up being correct, this will be Geena’s fourth divorce. She has also been married to Richard Emmolo, actor Jeff Goldblum, and director Renny Harlin. She met Reza when she was 42 and he was just 27, at a party. “I was always in the type of relationship where everything was about the other person,” she told GH in 2006. “I’d find my worth through sacrificing everything for his sake. And that had everything to do with my own feelings about myself; the guys I was with felt pretty great about themselves all on their own — they didn’t need me to fix them because they weren’t damaged. But I sure was. I finally managed to change myself, and that changed what seemed attractive to me. Reza is so different from the kind of men I used to be with.”

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“A relationship with him seemed a little far-fetched,” she explained. “I remember thinking, This guy is cute — and ridiculously young. At first, to be honest, I was just approaching it like something that would be fun. I wasn’t thinking too far ahead of the game. The amazing thing is, when we started to spend more and more time together, there wasn’t anything about our age difference that stuck out. It wasn’t like I was sitting there saying, ‘What do you mean, you don’t know who the Beatles are?’ It doesn’t feel like we’re from different generations, and now we barely notice it at all.” Perhaps the difference finally caught up to them now that she’s 62 and he’s 47. Our hearts go out to them in this really tough time.