Growing up, Garth Brooks had no idea he would become one of country music’s most iconic singers. Thanks to his parents, dad Troyal Brooks and mom Colleen Carroll, the little boy from rural Oklahoma worked his butt off to make a big name for himself in showbiz.

While chatting with Closer Weekly and other reporters during the celebration of A&E Biography’s upcoming Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On TV special, the 57-year-old revealed the greatest life lessons his parents gave him. “He said, if you’re going to fly, it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work is what it’s going to take,” Garth shared of dad Troyal at the November 18 event.

Biography's "Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On" Special, New York, USA - 18 Nov 2019

“So my dad was the realist — mom was the dreamer, the singer, and dad was the Korean War veteran, golden gloves, boxing champion,” he explained, noting that his five older brothers and one sister were raised in a strict setting with him. “Nobody, you know, got a kind of day off. My dad didn’t think he was doing his job if he wasn’t 24/7 on you.”

The Grammy Award winner credited his parents with instilling him with a determined work ethic. “The two greatest gifts your parents give you, are gonna to be the people you want to be and the people you don’t want to be,” he said.

Garth told Closer and others that his mom and dad’s strict parenting technique even influenced the way he parents his three daughters. “We talk about some of our kids and talk about our daughters. How hard are you supposed to be on them, right?” he continued. “Where does that magic line of pushing them to be the best they can be? And then another line of everybody gets a blue ribbon participation.”

Although drawing the line can be confusing for him, the “Friend in Low Places” singer — who is the proud dad of Taylor, 27, August, 25, and Allie, 23, with ex-wife Sandy Mahl — insisted “it’s somewhere in there. It lies in you … your folks gave you the answer. Now you just got to pick through it and then pick what’s right for you and your children.”

Even though Garth’s mom and dad taught him valuable lessons growing up, the country star admitted his transition to fatherhood was harder than he ever imagined. Luckily, things got a little easier after Garth met and fell in love with Trisha Yearwood following his 2001 divorce from his first wife. “My best friend showed up. It was good, helped me out a lot,” he gushed.

Now, Garth couldn’t imagine his life without his three little ladies. “Man, they’ve got you so wrapped. It’s crazy,” he adorably shared. “I worship those three girls and they can see it in my face when they see me or surprise me somewhere. And I just, I don’t know. I hope that they feel about me like I felt about my mom. I just really do. And have to throw my dad there.”

Garth is such an amazing person!

Part 1 of Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On TV special will air on A&E on Monday, December 2.