When Garth Brooks sang “I pray God takes me first, ’cause you’re stronger than me” to his wife, Trisha Yearwood, 54, during the CMA Awards on Nov. 14, it was an especially touching moment: The world hadn’t heard “Stronger Than Me” before, and neither had she! “I’m going to make him sing it to me again at home, so I could cry very ugly,” she joked to Entertainment Tonight.

Backstage, Garth, 56, explained, “If you’re married, there are points where you argue, then get exhausted, then you’re done. We had two or three points like that,[which this] song addresses. She was kind of laughing and crying, so this song is going to actually make our relationship better.”

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Garth and Trisha have been married since 2005, and although Garth hopes that music will help strengthen his marriage to Trisha, he apparently doesn’t need it. In a previous interview with Us Weekly, Garth and Trisha described all of the sweet things that they do for each other that makes fall even more in love.

“He makes me coffee every morning — and he doesn’t drink coffee!” Trisha said, and Garth added, “She, in these days of texting. She’ll write me handwritten notes. I keep them all and when they bury me I betcha there will be five billion notes in there, and they’ll all have her signature on them.” How cute!

Even when Garth or Trisha is away on tour they still make time for each other, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. “We plan our dates so that we can get back together as soon as possible,” Trisha explained. But when they’re apart, Garth and Trisha still find ways to make it romantic.

“You get to see your wife in ways you never thought you would,” Garth said. “I gotta tell you, there’s not a build that we leave that I’m not more in love with her than when we got there.”

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