Forget The Pixie Cut! See Reese Witherspoon & Jenny McCarthy's Cute Bobs!

Getty Images

Over the last few months, we have been bombarded by stars chopping off their long locks in favor of pixie cuts (Jennifer Lawrence! Kristin Chenoweth! The list goes on!)

But two of our favorite blonde beauties are changing up the trend by still going short...but not as drastic as their female peers!

Reese Witherspoon stepped out with an adorable bob at the end of last year, which we felt was better suited to that adorable face of hers.

And "View" cohost Jenny McCarthy debuted her new look via Twitter this past week after years of rocking her signature long hair.

Before showing off the cute cut, Jenny had asked her followers, "Should I go short or short short or short short short?" And we think the star found a happy medium!

"I was tired of having the extensions," the former model said of her previously long locks. "I wanted to feel a little more authentic this year."

Well the ladies are in good company! Two other blondes who made the switch to a bob last year? Besties Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler!

So what do you think of Reese & Jenny's new 'dos? Sound off in the comments and tell us whether you prefer bobs or pixie cuts on you favorite stars!