Barbara Walters may want to watch her back if O.J. Simpson ever gets released from prison!

Remarks made in 2008 by the convict, currently incarcerated on kidnapping and armed robbery charges, have just been released to the public, and they show he was none to happy with how the news anchor reported his infamous murder trial in 1994.

In the interview, released as part of a new documentary complied by O.J.’s manager, Norman Pardo, the former NFL player calls out the legendary journalist for spreading false information.

barbara walters

Barbara with 20/20 co-anchor Hugh Downs

“First week I was arrested [after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders] Barbara Walters on 20/20…gave a report that Friday,” he shares on the tape, explaining how she claimed multiple contracts of his were up and that the father-of-five was paying $55,000 a month in alimony and child support to his exes.

“Then Hugh Downs [Barbara’s 20/20 co-host] turned to her and said, ‘Well that might give a lot of pressure on any individual and make them do some crazy things,’” O.J. recalls. “In other words, they gave America a motive.”

Calling all of her claims lies, the actor, who was found “not guilty” in the deaths of his ex-wife and her friend, explains how he tracked the 84-year-old down from jail to find out why she said those things.

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“You know what she told me? ‘Oh well O.J. to be honest, it was the end of the show and they just put it on the teleprompter and I read it without really checking it. It wasn’t my story.'”

O.J. adds, “She’s a person without integrity.”

His dislike of the now-retired View co-host only grew when she tried to get him on her talk show years later.

“I get a call from Barbara Walters in Europe and she convinces me to go on…So I fly to New York,” O.J. remembers. “I’m watching TV. I’m watching Barbara Walters telling America she’s not gonna have me on her show because it would upset too many people.”

oj simpson

O.J. testifies during his lengthy murder trial in the mid-’90s

That was the last straw for the controversial star. “I hit the roof!” he admits in the interview. You talked me into coming on this show. I told you that your audience wasn’t the audience I want. You told me it didn’t matter…So no integrity!”

Will Barbara come back fighting against his accusations? Do you think O.J. has gotten over his grudge in the past 6 years? Sound off in the comments!