Talk about relationship goals!

If there’s one thing Felicity Huffman and her husband of 20 years, William H. Macy, have in common, it’s the joint love for acting!

In a new exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the Shamless star gushed about his pretty lady — and revealed the two always help each other out when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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Felicity and William in January 2017.

“We read each other’s scripts; we work together,” William, 66, told Closer. “We both love acting — it’s the only language that we have.” We’d love to watch a movie with the two as co-stars!

“I love my wife!” he added of Felicity. The couple have been married since 1997, and are parents to two teen daughters, Sofia, 16, and Georgia, 14.

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In another exclusive interview, the Desperate Housewives star confessed she also “loves to do anything” with her hubby, especially work on her lines!

“I love to act with Bill. He makes you better,” the mom-of-two said, smiling. “You know how if you play a sport with someone who is better than you, your game will improve? It’s true with acting as well.”

“We [also] love to go running together and I enjoy reading with him,” Felicity, 54, added. So sweet!

In early 2014, the power couple revealed to Closer the secret to their happy marriage, though it may be unachievable to any typical duo!

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So what’s the key to their very successful relationship? “Marry Bill!” Felicity gushed. William then countered with an idea of his own, “Marry Felicity!” Too cute!

William then added, “Sometimes we go away. We find a hotel, and we just get away for a weekend.” We want a marriage like Felicity and William’s!

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