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These Celebs Used to Be Considered ‘Bad Boys,’ But Now They’re Loving Grandpas — Mick Jagger and More!

From rockers and rappers to Hollywood bad boys, many famous men don’t look or act like the typical doting grandpa — but looks can be deceiving! Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne and John Mellencamp are just a few former ill-behaved celebs who have transformed into the most loving grandfathers.

Alice Cooper, known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock,” is also a dedicated grandparent. Though it might be a little jarring to see Alice cooing over his twin grandsons, the “Poison” artist said grandparenthood is one of his greatest joys.

During an interview with Fox’s Phoenix news station KSAZ in May 2015, Alice revealed how common it is to find a Hollywood bad boy-turned family man. “The guys in the business are all family guys, almost every guy I know,” he said, noting he’s not the first rocker to become a grandpa. “I don’t care how weird they are — from Johnny Depp to Rob Zombie — [they] all have kids, and they totally get it.”

That certainly is the case for Ozzy, who is a loving grandpa to several grandkids. On Instagram, he often gives glimpses into his adventures with his grandkids, including his granddaughter Pearl. During an interview with 97.1 The River, the “Crazy Train” crooner gushed over his bond with his little one.

“Pearl is such a great experience to have,” Ozzy said in 2014, pointing out how much his life has improved since he experienced grandparenthood. “I have other grandchildren, but when I had my own kids, I was touring or in rehab. It’s a lot better environment now. I can be of service to my family.”

Ozzy’s transformation from terrifying rocker to proud grandpa has been sweet to watch, especially for the rocker’s daughter Kelly Osbourne. While once speaking with U.K.’s GQ, the former Osbournes star opened up about watching her dad’s image evolve.

“People have gone from telling me my father is a Satanist to, ‘Your dad’s really cool,’” the reality personality shared. “It’s weird spending your whole life defending somebody who suddenly one day becomes everyone’s idol.”

To see a list of more former Hollywood bad boys who are now loving grandpas, scroll through the gallery below!