They Used to Be Considered “Bad Boys,” but Now These Celebs Are Loving Grandpas

From rockers to rappers to Hollywood bad boys, many famous men don't look or act like the typical doting grandpa, but looks can be deceiving. Whether they've dabbled in drugs or had too many run-ins with the law, these ill-behaved celebrities might act tough, but they turn into huge softies when they're with their grandkids! Sure, it might be a little jarring to see shock rocker Alice Cooper cooing over his twin grandsons, but it's more common than you think. "The guys in the business are all family guys, almost every guy I know and the rockers, I don't care how weird they are from Johnny Depp to Rob Zombie all have kids, and they totally get it," he said back in 2015. Below, 9 famous bad boys who are grandfathers now!