The latest social media craze may be taking the world by storm, but it looks like not everybody got a ticket aboard the FaceApp Challenge train. In fact, Katie Couric and Trisha Yearwood already opened up about the time-warping app — which transforms your face to look decades older — and seemingly started a new trend of their own.

“By the way, I’m 62 and I’m good with it. I don’t need a Russian app to show me what I will look like,” the beloved Today alum wrote alongside a stunning makeup-free selfie on Thursday, July 18. “I’m proud of my age, what I’ve done, what I’ve learned and how I continue to live my life. We are lucky to age. Every. single. day.”

Katie shared the intimate post with her nearly 700,000 followers in hopes that others would be inspired by her outlook. “It’s a cause for celebration not shame. It’s about time we understand another ism that can lead to prejudice, discrimination and marginalization,” she continued. “It’s unacceptable. Am I right? #mytwocents #ofcoursenofilter.”

Country music star Trisha also acknowledged the FaceApp Challenge but, like Katie, chose to shake it up a bit. “Everybody’s doing the #AgeChallenge and I’m over here like … I’m 54 years old and I do the old challenge every day!” Trisha hilariously wrote alongside a gorgeous selfie on July 17. “Why do I want that filter??” She added the hashtags, “#nofilter” and “#everygirl” at the end of her caption. Too funny!

Fans of Katie and Trisha praised the Hollywood stars for being so honest and authentic. “I’m with you!! I’ve earned these lines and wrinkles!!! Thanks for being the voice of reason in this crazy time,” one fan gushed of the Yahoo Global News Anchor’s post. “You’re gorgeous and always will be, and your HEART AND SOUL is beautiful. Beautiful on the inside and out!” another user echoed in the comment section of the “How Do I Live” singer’s post.

The FaceApp Challenge recently blew up after Hollywood stars began sharing the warped versions of themselves on social media. Tons of your favorite celebrities — including Joanna Gaines, Carrie Underwood, James Marsden and more — have already joined in on the challenge that filters your face to look like you’re an elderly woman or man.

Although these pics are hilarious, we’re glad to see tons of fans rally around strong and inspiring women like Katie and Trisha.