Former supermodel Molly Sims has created an image around her signature blonde locks, so we were shocked to find out that the 40-year-old recently dyed her hair red!

Molly sat down for an exclusive interview with Closer reporter Hilary Sheinbaum to discuss her new look, daily beauty routine and how she celebrated Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition!

The new ambassador for hair care brand Nexxus tells us how she wanted to change up her look, but wasn’t ready to say goodbye to long hair!

“Well it was either coloring or cutting. I’d never been red…I just wanted something bold and vibrant and energetic, so we chose this…coppery gold blonde,” explains Molly.

“I actually tried on six or seven wigs in LA to try to get the right color, so we kind of went for that Julianne Moore, Amy Adams look."

Molly also shared her daily beauty regimen with Closer, which includes her absolute favorite beauty tool: an eyelash curler!

“I love an eyelash curler, a little bit of tinted foundation,” says the mom. “I like a bronzy kind of cream blush across the bridge of my nose…I’m a big believer in primer.” Molly also works out 3 to 4 times a week to stay in supermodel shape!

In fact, the Kentucky native recently got together with some of her supermodel friends at the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition party, which Molly has appeared in 5 times.

“We were with Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt, we were with all the new girls,” shares the “Las Vegas” star.

“It was so fun! I said to someone last night, it was like being in a really great sorority.”

Watch the full interview with Molly below!