EXCLUSIVE: Jane Seymour Shows Off Her Bikini Body -- At 62 Years Old!

On this week's cover, Jane Seymour boldly poses in an ultra-sexy bikini to show off her hot body -- at 62 years old!

She tells the mag — on newsstands now — that she's never felt better and shares her secrets for looking so good!

“God, I’m in better shape now in some ways than I was when I was doing the Bond film,” Jane, who starred in 1973’s "Live and Let Die," admits to Closer.

"I don’t do major fasts or work out crazily every day. I hope I can inspire people!”

So how does she do it? The 5-foot-3 former dancer spends an hour three days a week doing a combination of spinning, light weights and Gyrotonics, a machine-based method that blends stretching and strengthening exercises.

She also plays tennis, golf and swims, and if she’s on the road, power walks and does push-ups.

“I just want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can,” she says.

As for her eating habits, “No diets here,” she insists, noting that she hovers around 115 pounds. “I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I'll just eat half of it.”

One thing she won’t indulge in, however, is Botox. “I tried it and hated it. I’d never do it again. For me it doesn’t work because I’m an actor and I need to be able to move every part of my face,” Jane explains.

“I think I’m being hired a lot because I haven’t done all the stuff everyone else is doing.”

Instead, she shares, “I always wear a hat when I’m out in the sun. I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I’ve had sleep.”

As for this phase of her life, “It’s just pure joy,” Jane tells Closer. “The best thing about being 62 is being alive and healthy!”

Of course, having a set of rock-hard abs doesn't hurt. But Jane says she feels her most beautiful, “When I’m holding my grandchildren and with people I love.”