Mother-of-four Victoria Beckham has not been letting all of her expert parenting advice go to waste! In a new interview with The Sun, Eva Longoria revealed that the former Spice Girl has been giving her great tips on how to raise her four-month-old son, Santiago, and confessed that Victoria was one of the first people who she told about her pregnancy.

“Victoria is one of the best mums I know and through [my] pregnancy to now she has been giving such great advice,” Eva, 43, gushed about her good friend. “She’s in love with [Santiago] already. Her and [David Beckham] think he’s so delicious.”

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria
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Eva also revealed that she’s even been thinking about making the 44-year-old mom a godmother to Santiago since she’s always been there to support her. “My husband and I need to talk about this. In Mexico you have 18 godparents but it’s absolutely on the cards,” Eva said.

So far, Eva has just been enjoying all of the time that she gets to spend with her new baby boy. “It’s like another family affair,” Eva gushed. “Nothing could prepare me for Santiago and it’s like my heart is walking around outside my body. It’s amazing.”

In October, Eva celebrated Santiago turning four months old on Instagram by sharing a cute photo collage of him. “I still look at Santi and wonder how my body created and nourished this little bundle of love. Truly a miracle! From the moment he was placed in my arms, I knew no love like this before. Happy four month Birthday mi Santi precioso!!!” Eva wrote in the caption.

Since she’s such a great mom, it probably won’t be long until Eva decides to have another baby with her husband, José “Pepe” Bastón. “Every stage is my favorite,” she previously told Entertainment Tonight about watching Santiago grow up. But her favorite part of being a mother is getting to dress her son in a bunch of cute little outfits. She revealed, “Everybody goes, ‘Where are you going?’ and I go, ‘Nowhere. We’re not even leaving the house!’ I just am dying to dress him up!” How cute!