It’s been years since Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman co-starred on Desperate Housewives together, but the trio is still super close friends today. In a new interview, Eva — who is pregnant with her first baby — gushed Marcia and Felicity have already given her invaluable mom advice.

“Oh, my gosh, Marcia and Felicity have given me advice. We talk a lot. They’re always supportive and amazing moms,” the 42-year-old actress recently told Us Weekly. Eva is thankful for her friends’ tips, especially since she’s admitted she’s “not an expert” about her impending motherhood. Though Eva is preparing to be a first-time mother, Marcia, 55, is a mom to 11-year-old twins Eden and Savannah Mahoney with her husband Tom Mahoney and Felicity, also 55, has two daughters, Sofia, 17, and Georgia, 15, with her husband, William H. Macy.

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Marcia, Eva, and Felicity on _DH_.

In the past, Eva has been open about her desire to return to Wisteria Lane to do a Desperate Housewives reboot. “I would play [my character, Gaby], again in a heartbeat,” she previously told Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview. “Our showrunner doesn’t want to do it, the creator.”

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher — who played Susan Mayer on the ABC series — also recently spoke out about the possibility of bringing the show back to TV. “I’d be the first person [to return]. I never wanted it to be over. I love those characters,” she told ITV’s Loose Women. However, Teri noted that the chances of a revival are “not very good.” She explained, “Just because of the creators. It’s not the women. I think the women would probably all do it.”

While Eva, Marcia, and Felicity remain super close today, Teri confessed she hasn’t been able to keep in touch with the DH ladies over the years, but still wishes them well. When asked if the co-stars have recently talked, Teri said, “Not so much, but definitely supportive of everything that we’re all doing. Very exciting Eva’s about to have her first baby!” We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a reboot!