All of the Desperate Housewives stars have always looked fabulous — and we can credit their stunning figures to the healthy habits of Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman. In fact, the Wisteria Lane ladies once dished about their diet and exercise regimens in a 2008 interview!

Get ready to be envious: Eva said she had never dieted. “But I love meat and fish and was raised eating fresh vegetables, so I’m pretty used to a good diet,” she told the Daily Mirror at the time. Eva also revealed she starts her days with high-protein breakfasts — egg white omelets, for example — to keep her energy up and her hunger down throughout the day. (The actress also swore by a dietary supplement called hoodia — as did co-star Teri Hatcher — but doctors have told WebMD the science behind hoodia’s reported appetite-suppressing qualities is sketchy.)

'desperate housewives' cast

Amid that nutritious diet, though, Eva admitted she does have the occasional indulgence. “I love chocolate,” she said. “As long as it’s in moderation, it’s fine… After working out, I often go home, eat chocolate ice cream, and tell myself it’s all right because I’ve balanced it out with exercise!”

Speaking of her workouts, Eva said she pumped iron with longtime trainer Patrick Murphy, in addition to her kickboxing and yoga routines, to stay fit while on DH. “With all the lunges, squats and leg presses I’ve done in the past two months, I think I’ve gained an inch of muscle in my butt,” she observed back in 2008.

Eva’s metabolism was a source of jealousy for co-star Marcia Cross. “I’m not like Eva,” Marcia said. “She can eat anything she wants. It’s unbelievable what that girl eats without gaining a pound. For me, not to eat is a constant struggle.” (Marcia’s tip for keeping the pounds off? Cut out the bread.) And as for Felicity, her whip-smart wit was on display when she told the Mirror about her running regimen: “I’m really slow, but I love it. It’s like meditative. I sort of flop along, and my body parts sort of blob along behind me.” Now that, at least, sounds relatable!