So much for a vacation! Poor Eva Longoria reportedly broke her leg while traveling to Spain, which is why she was spotted out wearing a boot with hubby Jose Antonio Baston on Oct. 21.

You might be wondering why the former Desperate Housewives star wasn’t seen wearing the boot earlier, since she got back from Spain a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she tried to work through the injury while guest directing episodes of The Mick and LA>Vegas. The Blast reports that she ended up aggravating the tendons around the fracture, which prevented it from healing correctly.

eva longoria, getty

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston

But never fear! Now that doctors have set the bone and Eva has the plastic boot to protect it, she should be able to heal ASAP! She’s going to have the boot on for at least three weeks, but she plans to keep working and running her businesses, which include fragrances, a J.C. Penney bedding line, a cookbook, and her apparel line with Sunrise.

Eva was first spotted sporting the new accessory on Oct. 21, when she stepped out in LA with her husband. She was definitely dressed for comfort, wearing a sweatsuit, baseball cap, and sneaker on her other foot. She often held hands with or leaned on Jose for support while out on their stroll. Perhaps she was just trying to get used to it before she had to go back on set!

Eva definitely can’t afford to slow down right now. On top of all of her business ventures and directing gigs, shes also currently filming for Dog Days, a canine-centric movie set for release in 2018. The movie also stars Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, Nina Dobrev, and Vanessa Hudgens. With a lineup like that, you can’t afford to halt production for an injury. Get well soon, Eva!