She’s in the home stetch of her first pregnancy, but Eva Longoria still hasn’t picked out her baby’s name. So, while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, April 10, host Ellen DeGeneres decided to help the mom-to-be out. During her segment, the TV star utilized her randomized name generator to create some interesting suggestions for the actress’ first child, which is a little boy.

One of the audience’s favorites was “Tequila Sunrise Longoria,” and a skeptical Eva turned to Ellen to ask for nickname ideas. “What would we call him for short?” she asked. “Tiki Sunny,” Ellen immediately responded. Other hilarious moniker suggestions included “Poquito Mas Longoria” and “Don Jolio Longoria,” but the final one was meant to be — at least in Ellen’s eyes.

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When “Cinco de Mayo Longoria” appeared on the screen, Eva couldn’t help but let out a long laugh. “It’s so funny because my baby shower is going to be on Cinco de Mayo. It’s just accidental because it’s the only weekend I have available.” she commented. “See? Then why not Cinco De Mayo? It’s settled, that’s his name,” Ellen confirmed. Too funny!

Eva has been very open throughout her pregnancy and has spoken candidly about preparing to be a first-time mom. Due in just a couple of short months, the Desperate Housewives actress’ baby bump has certainly popped, so her husband, José Antonio Bastón, is making sure to pamper his wife. “My husband spoils me all the time. Even before I was pregnant, he’d always give me foot rubs,” the 43-year-old exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly about her husband, whom she tied the knot with in 2016. “He just lets me sleep and eat.”

While she may be welcoming her first child at a later age in life, Eva has revealed that she never felt pressured or rushed. “Women are having babies later and later, so I didn’t have that ‘biological clock ticking’ pressure. I [also] wasn’t with anybody for a while. I think babies are a product of love and partnership,” she shared.