A proud mom! Erin Napier had the best time visiting her daughter Helen’s school for a fun Mother’s Day celebration. The Home Town host gushed over the experience in an Instagram post on Thursday, May 11. 

“My first Muffins With Mom at school,” she captioned the post. “My gosh, what a privilege to be someone’s home, mama, comfort.”

Erin Napier Celebrates Mother’s Day With Daughter Helen
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Erin, 37, also shares her youngest daughter, Mae, with her husband, Ben Napier. In her sentimental post, the HGTV personality included a photo of a sweet art project that Helen, 5, crafted for her. The youngster also made a card for Erin with a cute poem written on it. 

“Between this and the cuddles from Mae this morning who told me ‘you my bess fren,’ feeling like my heart could bust,” the mom of two continued. “For you mamas coming up on our special day and feeling so tired and like you don’t know what you’re doing: it’s all of us.”

She added, “20 years from today, we will miss this incredibly difficult and sweet season, so let’s savor every drop.”

Fans loved seeing Helen’s art project and left supportive comments on the post about parenting. 

“My kids are all grown!” one fan commented on the post. “Yes, cherish this season with your little ones. Nothing is more important!”

Another fan commented, “Most definitely enjoy every moment.”

Erin and Ben have had a busy month traveling across the U.S. for media appearances and celebrating the release of season 2 of Home Town Takeover. For the spinoff of their hit series, the couple teamed up with Dave and Jenny Marrs to restore homes in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

While the home improvement pair have a tight schedule with their many projects, they always prioritize spending time with their daughters.

“I was already a softie, but now Helen will be dancing to Haim in the morning … while Mae is toddling around eating a banana. I’m a puddle,” Ben told Entertainment Tonight in April 2023 of watching his girls grow up. “They’re just so little and innocent. I’ve never been worried about getting older or mortality or anything until I had little girls. Now I can’t stop it, I can’t hold onto it … It is the worst and the best.”