The absolute last thing that thousands of fans gathered together in Orlando, FL wanted to hear on Tuesday, Nov. 27 was “Elton John Concert Cancelled,” especially 30 minutes after said concert was supposed to begin at the Amway Center. Well, that’s exactly what did happen, as it seems that Sir Elton was — according to a statement issued via twitter — sidetracked from his concert performance due to… an ear infection. An additional show, to take place in Tampa, FL on Nov. 28, was cancelled as well.

Needless to say, the 71-year-old star’s fans were not happy and took to Twitter to express their disappointment and annoyance. For instance:

At least one fan was a little more sympathetic, tweeting the following:

Sir Elton is in the middle of his three-year Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which he claims is going to be his last. Besides making headlines for canceling shows, he’s also at the center of British high-end retailer John Lewis’ new commercial that features Elton through various stages of his life, always accompanied by his piano. Five relatively unknown actors were hired to play Elton at different stages of his life in that commercial, and they pull it off remarkably well. No doubt the part of the commercial (which you can see here) that will tug at your heartstrings the most is when we see Elton as a child, being given a piano as a gift and he takes his first tentative stabs at the keys. Cut to a contemplative Elton today, doing pretty much the same thing, his face filled with memories as he wistfully considers how it all began.

Additionally, he’s the subject of the music biopic Rocketman, which takes a look back at his early days and features actor Taron Egerton (star of the two Kingsman spy adventures as well as Eddie the Eagle) in the title role. A look at the film’s trailer reveals just how dead-on he is. Feel better, Elton!