Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie at the Oscars didn't just break Twitter, it also earned $3 million for charity thanks to the record-breaking re-tweets the post received during the broadcast!

While the Oscar host reached her goal of getting the most re-tweets in the history of Twitter, the company that helped her get there is making a contribution of its own.

Samsung served as a sponsor for this year's Academy Awards and received some pretty great publicity when DeGeneres pulled out her Samsung phone to take the now-infamous selfie.

"In honor of this epic moment and of course, the incredible response of nearly 3 million retweets, we wanted to make a donation to Ellen's charities of choice: St. Jude (Children's Research Hospital) and the Humane Society (of the United States)," the company said in a statement. "Samsung will donate $1.5 million to each charity."

DeGeneres' A-list photo beat President Obama's former record for most re-tweets, which was 780,000 for the below picture, posted in November 2012.

And the picture has already become an important part of pop culture history, even receiving a makeover of sorts from The Simpsons!