Happy Birthday, Portia de Rossi! The actress turned 46 years old on Thursday, January 31 and her beloved wife, Ellen DeGeneres, gave her a sweet shoutout on Instagram to commemorate the special day.

“Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife, Portia,” Ellen, 61, wrote next to a photo of herself with Portia and two of their adorable pets. “As a birthday gift, you can follow her on Instagram @generalpublic.art. I love you and our family.”

Ellen and Portia have known each other since 2004 and their Hollywood romance is seriously one for the books! After meeting backstage at a photo shoot for VH1’s Big in ’04 Awards, Portia later told The Advocate in a 2005 interview that she was immediately smitten with the comedian.

“I ran into Ellen at a photo shoot [in 2004] and she took my breath away,” she recalled. “That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak.” 

Ellen later proposed to Portia in 2008 with a stunning 3-carat diamond ring — and the rest is history! “I respect her so much,” Portia once gushed about her soulmate. “She was so courageous and so loud in ’97, and now she is doing something that is more subliminal. She’s changing the world, she really is, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Though divorce rumors often surface about the couple, their love is still strong today and Portia has admitted that their strong union has helped her deal with living in the spotlight. “It’s hard having a relationship that’s public,” she’s said. “It’s hard living a life that’s somewhat public, and hard when you put that life together with someone who is so famous and so loved and admired [but] it’s also real exciting.”

“We have a lot in common; we share the same outlook on life,” Portia added. “I really feel not alone for the first time in my life.”