TV star Ellen DeGeneres is 60 years old, and quite frankly, no one believes it. She looks better than ever and has looked basically the same for as long as we can remember. Does she even age? Truth is, she puts a lot of focus on her diet and exercise regimen!

If you’re a fan of Ellen, you know she’s a huge animal advocate. As of now, she’s a vegan after she chose to stop eating meat in 2009. “Food used to be really important to me. I loved steak, I loved hamburgers, I loved all that stuff. I can’t believe how irresponsible I was, eating what I ate … I want to be on my toes,” she told Shape at the time. “I want to have energy. And as much as the [vegan] diet seems like a sacrifice, it’s helping me.”

In another interview with O, Ellen pointed out how her clean diet positively impacted her health. “Well I felt better about myself, and I felt healthier living in a cruelty-free way. I haven’t been sick since, I am not as tired, and I’ve lost weight. And I am lucky: I have a chef, so it’s easy for me. For a lot of people, it’s harder.”

We wish we could be like Ellen — who doesn’t even eat any sweets! “No cake, no cookies, no candy,” she once told Shape when she was asked if she eats sugar. Impressive. Do you think her wife, Portia de Rossi, follows this diet with her?

When it comes to her workout regimen, Ellen believes in staying zen, or sort of zen. “I first started doing power yoga in LA, which really makes no sense,” she said. “Power yoga? It’s the opposite of what it should be. Yoga should calm you down!”

We think Ellen’s way of life is totally do-able, and if it means we can look as good as she does when we’re her age, we’re all about it!