It all started when Ellen DeGeneres began teasing Ashton Kutcher about always carrying his two-year-old son, Dimitri. On Tuesday, Dec. 11, the Two And A Half Men actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and during his chat with Ellen, the host asked, “The young boy who never walks is how old?”

“He walks! He’s two!” Ashton fired back at Ellen. The 60-year-old star — who happens to be neighbors with Ashton and his wife, Mila Kunis — was unconvinced that Ashton was telling the truth and joked back, “He never puts him down. He’s always on his back!”


Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the 40-year-old hunk has felt pressure from Ellen when it comes to parenting. “I now have a complex about this, because I have one of those hiking backpack things, so I put him in the hiker to go down to the beach so we can actually go down the beach, otherwise it’s a whole wrangling session with the kid,” Ashton revealed. “And then you came out and you were like, ‘Oh, does he walk?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes! He walks!'” However, Ellen still wasn’t having it. “I’ve seen him five times. I’ve never seen him walk!” she insisted.

“So now I take him out of the thing once we get to [the] purview of your house, and I’m like, ‘Go, go! Run, little sucker!’” Ashton quipped. “And I’m trying to dish him along so I don’t have to hear about it anymore. This kid’s going to be an Olympian, man, because I’m going to be behind him like, ‘To Ellen’s house!’” Too funny!


Dimitri is just one of two kiddos that Ashton and Mila, 35, have together. The couple also shares their daughter, four-year-old Wyatt. Though the That 70’s Show alums got married in 2015, it’s seemingly still up in the air whether or not the duo wants to have more kids or not.

A source told Life & Style — before Mila gave birth to the couple’s son — that they didn’t always agree on how many kids they were actually going to have. “Ashton has always wanted three or four kids, but Mila only wants two. Now that she’ll have one of each gender, Mila feels she can be done having babies.” Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned to see if Mila and Ashton will ever want baby No. 3!