Seems like there’s a new man in Elizabeth Hurley‘s life! The English actress sat down for her first-ever joint Daily Mail interview with her 16-year-old son Damian, and the brunette bombshell revealed that even though she considers herself as “single,” she has a secret boyfriend that she’s been dating and she hinted that their relationship might be so casual that she hasn’t introduced her mystery man to Damian yet!

When asked how she would react if her son — who is her only child — brought a girlfriend home, the single mom said she would “welcome it.”

“In that respect, we’re quite evolved,” the 53-year-old told the Daily Mail. But even though she would be open to being introduced to her son’s girlfriends, she said that she is picky about the men she chooses to bring into her son’s life. “I’ve been single for three years; my last proper boyfriend was Shane [Warne, the Australian cricketer] and I’m always slow to introduce anyone to Damian — until I know how long they’re going to stick around, there’s no point.”

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But the Royals star said that even though she is very close with her son Damian, their relationship is not so consuming that it would be hard for her to find a suitable partner. “That would be overstating things,” she explained. “I am seeing someone at the moment but I’m fairly private about that sort of stuff.”

Elizabeth did not divulge any more details about her secret boyfriend, but she did reveal that she is still on very good terms with her ex-husband, Indian textiles heir Arun Nayar. Even though Arun is not Damian’s biological father — Damian’s bio dad is American businessman and film producer Steve Bing — Elizabeth considers Arun to be Damian’s dad and it’s important for her to continue to allow them to have a relationship. “Arun is Damian’s daddy and a very good one too,” Elizabeth revealed. “They see each other a lot.”