Going to an Ivy League school like the University of Pennsylvania has its benefits. Just ask Elizabeth Banks. “I met my husband Max [Handelman] there — he’s my business partner and helps me do everything,” she gushed to Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview at the TCA Winter Press Tour in mid-February. “So if I hadn’t gone to Penn, I don’t know if I’d have as successful of a business!”

Studying at the prestigious university not only prepared The 40-Year-Old Virgin actress for her future business dealings, but it also gave her insight on her relationship with her hubby. “There’s love. And then there’s lust,” Elizabeth, 45, gushed. “So it’s great.”

Elizabeth Banks of 'Shrill' speaks onstage during the Hulu Panel during the Winter TCA
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The couple — who are producing the Hulu series Shrill, debuting March 15 — make a great team at work and at home. After marrying in 2003, they welcomed two sons via surrogate: Felix, 7, and Magnus, 6. “The last romantic thing Max did for me was [taking] the kids to soccer in the rain while I got a massage for my birthday,” the actress joked with Closer. “We have a good ying and yang, and a lot of mutual respect.”

Elizabeth has made quite a name for herself throughout her decades-long career in Hollywood. She’s starred in hit movies like Pitch Perfect and The Hunger Games, as well as cast in other hit TV shows like 30 Rock and Modern Family. But nothing has made Elizabeth feel more accomplished than tackling motherhood.

“Two is very different from one. When you have one kid, you feel like you can jet set around and you can throw him on the hip and you get your life done,” the mom-of-two told People in 2013 after welcoming her second child. “You don’t realize how easy one is until you have two. Now I’m really a mom. Oh, I am a mom now! This is for serious — I am responsible for two people now.”

The blonde beauty even opened up about the nightmares a newborn-mom goes through. “[We] had no help, no nannies, no babysitters. It was crazy,” she revealed at the time. “You forget how difficult it is to wake up in the middle of the night, how exhausting it is. I lost all my nails. I did dishes and cleaned bottles for 10 days so I lost all those nails!” We know practically every mama could relate, girl!