Ed Asner Through the Years: See the ‘Lou Grant’ Star Then and Now as He Turns 90!

He’s officially a nonagenarian! Ed Asner just turned 90 — as of Friday, November 15 — and we figured the best way to honor him was to take a look at his epic life. From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to celebrating this milestone birthday, few in Hollywood have had careers that could rival the one Ed has created, so let’s take a look down memory lane.

One of the most impressive things Ed has done is to become the most honored male performer in the history of the Television Academy, amassing seven trophies throughout the years. Five of those were for playing the character of Lou Grant, first on Mary Tyler Moore‘s namesake series and then on a spinoff named after the character. The others were for two big mini-TV series in the ’70s, first for Rich Man, Poor Man in 1976 and then for Roots in 1977. Impressive!

If you think Ed’s ready to stop now, think again. He exclusively told Closer Weekly he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“Not as long as I can still lift my arms up to my head. It’s getting more difficult — I can’t reach beyond my head, but if I can scratch my head, I can still work,” he told Closer. He has the perfect birthday wish too. “I want another 90 years!”

When it comes to keeping himself young and fighting the aging process, Ed to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

“Keep your mind active,” he exclusively told Closer. Ed — who has showed no signs of slowing down in terms of show business, also said “working reading, being with people who can excite you, [being] sexual” can work as well.

What would a world without Ed be like? We certainly don’t know and don’t care to find out anytime soon.

Check out our gallery below to see photos of Ed then and now to celebrate the actor’s 90th birthday!

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