Hot dad alert! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed off his new beard via Instagram on Tuesday, Aug. 8, and let’s just say if you weren’t already a fan of him, you will be now.

The 45-year-old took selfie videos with his new salt and pepper fuzz — and he looked so handsome with his stubble and big smile! Watch the video below to see The Rock’s updated look!

He decided to flaunt his scruff with an exciting message about his career. “Jus deliverin’ a package of gratitude. ?? @HBO has officially picked up #Ballers SEASON 4,” he wrote on the social media platform. “And a big congrats to @IssaRae and the cast/crew of #Insecure! Thank you all out there for rockin’ with us and diggin’ our show. Luv and appreciate you and I’m grateful to the bone.”

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Now we can only hope that he keeps this look going when he starts filming the show again! Many fans would also love to know what the Baywatch star would look like with hair on his head. Turns out, he wasn’t always bald — and we have the pics to prove it! The Rock was able to pull off dark locks when he was younger, and we bet he’d look even more handsome with salt and pepper hair, too!