Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, lost 30 pounds by blending all of her food and hiking up mountains, she revealed on Friday.

Looking trim in a navy suit, the 54-year-old was in Los Angeles to help combat global obesity, but also said it was an opportunity for her to “come out of the shadows.”

She delighted members of the British American Business Council with the appearance at their annual Los Angeles Christmas Luncheon at the Fairmount Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.

The Duchess proudly showed off her impressive weight loss, sharing her secrets and the hard work she put into transforming her body, telling Closer Weekly: “I went up to the mountains, and I ran everyday. That’s how I got fit.”

She also revealed that blending foods in an emulsifier helped to do the trick.

As to how it feels to be back in the U.S., she said: “Today was coming out of the shadows for me, and that’s been very exciting.

“I may have lost 30 pounds, but I want to help combat global obesity, I want to really get into America and support young children who need to be educated about the future.

“I”m just real— and I’m a mom. So I’ve come here to just be that, and it’s rather lovely.’

Proud mother to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, Sarah told Closer that her daughters would actually be spending Christmas with the Queen while she goes skiing – an activity most Royals enjoy at this time of year.

“Beatrice and Eugenie always go and spend the holidays with their grandmother because I love Her Majesty so much that I think it’s very important she has the best gift I can give her which is my children,” she said.

“So I go to Switzerland and have a white Christmas, I quite enjoy it. My mum and dad died when I was rather young so…it’s kind of a lonely time, but I quite enjoy it because that’s when you reflect.”

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