Who knew Drew Barrymore could do this?! The 43-year-old actress showed off her weird hidden talent when she recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and, well, it’s quite something. While discussing Drew’s new reality talent show The World’s Best, host Stephen Colbert asked the mom-of-two, “Are you the world’s best at something?” To which she happily replied, “I like picking up stuff with my feet a lot.”

Stephen then threw a few cough drops near Drew’s feet and even took off his own shoes to help the actress pick them up one by one. And once Drew got her heels off, the audience erupted in laughter as they watched Drew and Stephen pick up candy with their toes. Check out the video below!

The Never Been Kissed star explained that she only likes to use her secret talent when she has her hands full with her kids. “You know, you’ve got a kid in one hand and a phone in the other, there’s no way you’re not gonna go and grab that Ricola [with your foot],” she joked. “They’re just when I need an extra hand.”

Drew coparents her two daughters, Olive Kopelman, 6, and Frankie Kopelman, 4, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. In a recent Instagram post, the star candidly opened up about her relationship with Will today following their divorce and their life with their two kids.

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“Will and I continue to marvel at what we made and try to be the best coparents we can be,” she said. “It’s not always easy and the point is … nothing in life is. But it doesn’t mean that any bitter outweighs the sweet!”